Thursday, 12 February 2015

About Encounters

Encounters is a place to share writing-in-progress.

It emerges from a fortnightly creative writing workshop at the Department of Geography, at University College London. The workshops are part of a Leverhulme Artist-in-Residence grant, that allows writer Amita Murray to collaborate with human geographer Tariq Jazeel, and others in the Department of Geography and the larger community at University College London, to produce writing, readings, workshops, and more.

Amita leads these workshops. Staff and PhD students take part, coming from a range of interests and perspectives – fiction, poetry, academic writing, performative writing, and more. The workshops focus on various themes: how creative and academic writing produce place, developing a writing voice, encounters with people in faraway locations, the erotics of place, and more.

While an anthology and readings will probably come out of these ‘encounters’, mainly it’s a place to have fun with sharing writing-in-progress, drink lots of coffee and eat too much chocolate!

If you can't take part in the workshops, but would like to share your writing, illustrations, ideas, pictures, please get in touch at 

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