Thursday, 12 February 2015

Writing Voice

The second workshop focused on figuring out what the heck a writing voice is.

A writing voice is about authenticity, a unique take on what's going on. It's about what you notice, how you understand it, and how you communicate it. It's about filtering your mass of thoughts and feelings, making them conceivable and understandable, but at the same time, not losing the vulnerability that comes from revealing who you are. When you write from your writing voice, it can leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable. Yet. It also allows you a sort of catharsis, a reflection on and a re-experiencing of your thoughts and feelings. It allows your readers to engage with you, empathize with your feelings, and relate to your experiences. It shows you how mundane experiences can be about something much bigger.

In the first exercise, the group thought of someone they knew fairly well. And narrated an event, a story, an incident from this person's point of view. 

In the second exercise, the group wrote in third person, where the narrator was looking at them doing something.

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