Sunday, 15 February 2015

punctum - by Tariq Jazeel

Why is there an issue of Granta, on contemporary Brazilian fiction, in this room? It sits there, incongruously, on the magazine stand that occupies half the length of one this dreary room’s walls. Next to old and recent copies of Area, Transactions, and City. But what is this particular issue of Granta doing there? A literature journal in a Geography department’s common room? And an issue that focuses specifically on contemporary Brazilian fiction. Its colours stand out, the bright yellow and green cover against the drab and very familiar black and white of Area, the cream and pale green of Transactions, and the black and pink of City.

I wonder, I always wonder, who on earth put it there. Did they put it there for me? Is it some kind of a sign, no probably a reminder, of how my worlds collide here? Geography and Brazil. Who put it there?

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